Week 1

From Jo - Year 5/6 class

This week I began a collaborative assessment maths task with my students. It's one that would normally be given to them to work on individually and timed. I split the students into year level groups (it's a levelled assessment) and gave each group ONE paper and sent them off to work on the problems collaboratively. I also asked them to assess themselves into one of 3 categories for each question:

  • We all knew how to do this question
  • Some of us (named) knew how to do this question
  • None of us knew how to do this question 
They were very honest with themselves which was fantastic - but what was even better was the passion they showed as they talked/explained/puzzled out each question. Students who don't normally show any interest in academic learning getting very passionate when explaining things is a real joy to see. It also gave those students who hate to write a chance to shine since there was only ONE writer per group.

They haven't finished the assessment yet so it will be interesting to listen in again this coming week.

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  1. Can't wait to hear how it went :-) (the suspense is killing me ;-p)